Schedule of 2002-04-23

Jeremiah arrives: 6:20a (map from amtrak station to mit)
Leave ORD: 8:45a
Arrive BOS: 12:02p
take a cab to bldg. 26 (77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA)
Class: 1-2:30p (class info, talk notes, MIT Map, building info)
see eikeon, dominik, davb, etc.
SWAD: 2-4p (agenda, NE43 map, building info)
hang out at student center, see nada (sched)
[find some way to get back to airport. take T? @@]
OpenACS Social: 6-9p (announcement, restaurant)
Leave BOS: 7:00p
Arrive ORD: 8:40p
jeremiah leaves: 9:10p


**********************   Itinerary   ************************
AIR> Apr 23 UA # 506  ORD --> BOS   8:45 am 12:02 pm 
AIR> Apr 23 UA # 529  BOS --> ORD   7:00 pm 8:40 pm 

Philip on bringing friends: Yes, of course. Anyone you like. It is a huge room and we only use a corner (it is a new concept classroom with big round tables).

General Info

wireless MITnet access, ad-hoc davis street