This page was created by Aaron Swartz in 2003 detailing what, at the time, he would like to be performed in event of his decease. Aaron passed away in January 2013. This page was not updated between those dates, so it has now been updated to assist the general public.

Send email to if you have any questions, can render any assistance, or would just like to talk about Aaron. This website and his other projects are being looked after by his loved ones. Please be aware that we have much work to do, and the people who are most responsible are those who are most busy, so do be patient when waiting for a reply.

If you are able to, you may like to think about donating to Aaron's nominated charity GiveWell. This is a kind of meta-charity that looks into finding the best charities and passing on funding to them. It's science applied to charity, and Aaron was a friend and volunteer to them.

You may also download the previous version of this page. Be aware, however, that the wishes that Aaron had in 2003 do not necessarily correspond with those that he had in 2013. If you have any enquiries, please address them to the email address given above.

Updated 1 Nov 2015