Rick Moen will be there

will you?

Rick Moen is a Linux activist in the San Francisco Bay Area who has acquired a reputation for attending virtually every Linux event in the whole Bay Area -- or at least those on his comprehensive list, Bay Area Linux Events. Rick is also an instigator of the Consortium of All Bay Area Linux, where the various Bay Area Linux user groups gather.

Some of the Linux User Groups have started to advertise their events with "Rick Moen will be there, will you?"

Here's how to inform your friends all over the world that Rick Moen will be showing up at your events:


Rick Moen zal daar zijn, zul jij ook?


Rick Moen will be there, will you?


Rick Moen ĉeestos, ĉu kaj vi?


Rick Moen menee siellä. Menetkö myös sinä?


Rick Moen y sera, et vous?


Rick Moen kommt auch; werden Sie auch da sein?

Greek (Attic)

ο Rick Moen παρεσται, αρα δε συ?

[image of Greek translation]


Rick Moen yihyeh sham, v'gam atah? * %


Rick Moen fog van ott, és ön?


Rick Moen sarà là, sarete là? +


Rick Moen aderit, tune quoque aderis?


Rick Moen bedzie tam; czy Pan takze przyjdzie? *


Rick Moen estará lá, você estará lá? +


Rick Moen va a fi; şi Dumneavostru?


Rick Moen tam budet, a vy? *

[image of Russian translation]


Rick Moen estará alla, ¿y también usted?
* Translations marked with an asterisk are still waiting to be improved by being rendered in Unicode; the versions given are either phonetic or lack non-ASCII characters.

+ Translations marked with a plus sign are automated translations via Altavista's Babelfish and are not guaranteed to be accurate (they are not confirmed by a human speaker).

% Translations marked with a percent sign refer to the prospective attendee as a man because of gender imparities in the language in question. This is not intended to suggest that female Linux users are discouraged from attending; they should lobby their vendors to get this behavior changed in the next version of the language.

Translation assistance from: Alex Fedosov, Rick Moen himself, George Moffitt, Michael Moffitt, Nick Moffitt, Wolfgang Rougle, Seth Schoen, and others.

If you know how to say that Rick Moen will be somewhere in some other language, you should tell me, at schoen@uclink4.berkeley.edu. Or you can go back to my web page.