Suspected Terrorist Button

I decided to revamp the Suspected Terrorist button created by political activist Emi Koyama and popularized by civil disobedient John Gilmore. I'm not much of an artist but this seemed like something I can do. Hopefully the result isn't too bad.

Suspected Terrorist

Huh? What's it mean?

Well, John Gilmore said it best: "it refers to all of us, everyone, being suspected of being terrorists, being searched without cause, being queued in lines and pens, forced to take our shoes off, to identify ourselves, to be x-rayed and chemically sniffed, to drink our own breast milk, to submit to indignities. Everyone is a suspected terrorist in today's America, including all the innocent people, and that's wrong."

For more on the freedom to travel, including the details of John Gilmore's lawsuit to challenge the photo ID requirement, visit

Cool, what should I do with it?

If you want to put the button on your website, you can choose from several sizes: huge (600 px), big (400), large (150), medium (100), small (75), and tiny (55). I suggest you link it to here or

The Photoshop source file is also available if you want to make changes. If you do, please provide the source for your changes as well.

Maybe Armand will sell you a real button of it if you ask nicely.

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You may copy and display the button however you like.
If you modify the button, please publish the source code for the result under this same license.