The Room

You see a big open space with people teleporting in and out, toys scattered around the floors and displays, speakers and whiteboards along the walls and ceiling.


AaronSw is tall, slender and a pale white, with black clothes draped loosely around him. He wears an artist's beret and has a round and friendly face, deep in concentration, but faintly smiling.

xena is the north wall, a pool of data and water flowing and swirling. Occasionally people look up at it and shout questions.

log{gy,ster} is the ceiling, a series of recording devices and a display with an ever-increasing pointer-URL for the logs.

walloper is a speaker on the south wall, ocasionally blaring news from the mists.

chumpster is a large whiteboard to the west, which is archived and cleared every day at 0:00 UTC. The topic is written at the top.

sbp is a tall and friendly young man. He's always wearing a wide smile with his trademark buttoned blue plaid shirt. He wears long black trousers that partially cover his bare feet and waves hello to anyone that passes by.