Tom the Dancing Bug: The Complete Archive Listing

What follows a complete listing of Tom the Dancing Bug comics posted on Salon. I put this together mainly so I could read through the whole archive.

November 20, 1995
December 2, 1995
December 16, 1995
December 30, 1995
January 13, 1996
January 27, 1996
February 10, 1996
February 24, 1996
The Washingtonian (D.C. version of the famed New Yorker's view of the world cover)
March 23, 1996
April 6, 1996
April 22, 1996
April 29, 1996
May 6, 1996
May 13, 1996
Games Louis Plays: Louis Maltby, Center of the Universe
May 27, 1996
June 3, 1996
June 10, 1996
Games Louis Plays: Revenge Plans for Paul Kelly
June 24, 1996
July 1, 1996
July 8, 1996
July 15, 1996
July 22, 1996
July 29, 1996
August 5, 1996
August 19, 1996
August 26, 1996
September 2, 1996
Games Louis Plays: Even More Thoughts of a Rightfielder
News of the Times: Political Price-War to Benefit Consumers ("Our prices are so low, we're practically giving away the public trust!" "We must be insane!!")
September 23, 1996
September 30, 1996
October 7, 1996
October 14, 1996
October 21, 1996
October 28, 1996
November 4, 1996
November 11, 1996
November 18, 1996
News of the Times: Acting Not Art! (But cartooning is!)
December 2, 1996
December 9, 1996
December 16, 1996
December 23, 1996
January 6, 1997
January 13, 1997
January 20, 1997
January 27, 1997
February 13, 1997
February 20, 1997
March 13, 1997
March 20, 1997
March 27, 1997
April 3, 1997
April 10, 1997
April 17, 1997
April 24, 1997
May 1, 1997
May 8, 1997
May 15, 1997
May 22, 1997
May 29, 1997
June 05, 1997
June 12, 1997
June 19, 1997
June 26, 1997
July 3, 1997
July 10, 1997
July 17, 1997
July 24, 1997
Games Louis Plays: Persistence Breeds Success, but Imagining It is Easier
August 7, 1997
August 14, 1997
August 21, 1997
September 4, 1997
September 11, 1997
September 18, 1997
September 25, 1997
October 2, 1997
October 9, 1997
October 16, 1997
October 23, 1997
October 30, 1997
November 6, 1997
November 13, 1997
November 20, 1997
December 4, 1997
December 11, 1997
December 18, 1997
It's Liberal Conservative Man! So stridently conservative, he'll embrace liberal ideals to accomplis his goals!
January 8, 1998
January 15, 1998
January 22, 1998
January 29, 1998
February 5, 1998
February 12, 1998
February 19, 1998
February 26, 1998
March 5, 1998
March 12, 1998
March 19, 1998
March 26, 1998
April 2, 1998
April 9, 1998
April 16, 1998
April 23, 1998
April 30, 1998
May 07, 1998
May 14, 1998
May 21, 1998
The Adventures of Plucky Panda: The Horrors of the Public Domain
June 4, 1998
June 11, 1998
June 18, 1998
June 25, 1998
July 02, 1998
July 09, 1998
July 16, 1998
July 23, 1998
July 30, 1998
August 6, 1998
August 13, 1998
August 20, 1998
August 27, 1998
September 3, 1998
September 10, 1998
September 17, 1998
September 24, 1998
October 1, 1998
October 8, 1998
October 15, 1998
October 22, 1998
October 29, 1998
Nov. 5, 1998
Nov.12. 1998
Nov. 19, 1998
Nov. 25, 1998
Dec. 3, 1998
Dec. 10, 1998
Dec. 17, 1998
Dec. 24, 1998
Jan. 7,1998
Jan 14, 1999
Jan. 21, 1999
Jan. 28, 1999
Everyone Agrees: The Free Market Works!
News of the Times: Placebo Drug Craze Hits Teens
Feb. 18, 1999
Feb. 25, 1999
Mar. 4, 1999
Mar. 11, 1999
Mar. 18, 1999
Mar. 25, 1999
Apr. 1, 1999
Apr. 8, 1999
Apr. 15, 1999
Apr. 22, 1999
Apr. 29, 1999
May 6, 1999
May 13, 1999
May 20, 1999
May 27, 1999
June 3, 1999
June 10, 1999
June 17, 1999
June 24, 1999
July 1, 1999
July 8, 1999
July 15, 1999
July 22, 1999
July 29, 1999
Aug. 5, 1999
Aug. 12, 1999
Aug. 19, 1999
Aug. 26, 1999
Sept. 2, 1999
Sept. 9, 1999
Sept. 16, 1999
Sept. 23, 1999
Sept. 30, 1999
Oct. 7, 1999
Oct. 14, 1999
Oct. 21, 1999
Oct. 28, 1999
Nov. 4, 1999
Nov. 11, 1999
Nov. 18, 1999
Dec. 2, 1999
Dec. 9, 1999
Dec. 16, 1999
Dec. 23, 1999
Dec. 30, 1999
The Miracle of Sport Utility Vehicles: The Light Truck Loophole
Citizen warning: Dangerous gang terrorizing Los Angeles
Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, foils Mr. Nucleo!
Ruben Bolling
God-Man vs. the purse thief.
Bob's Adventure Through Time
Let's play Free a Death Row Inmate! It's fun and surprisingly easy!
Matrix Planet: All you see is an illusion. Corporations are not real.
Earth receives message from outer space: "Try Adantum. Ask your doctor."
Super-Fun-Pak Comix.
Follow-up Supreme Court rulings in the wake of upholding Miranda.
Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, in "Smugglers' Cape"
The education of Louis: Film theory.
Cheney: The perfect strategy
Join us, powerful young outsider.
News of the Times: Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry. Why would anyone pay for a book once it's accessible for free? (Napster parody.)
Iron Chef vs. Bob
Super-Fun-Pak Comix, with a side of gazpacho
Great dialogs of the 21st century. Big time
Campaign 2000: Wrap-up of the issues
God-Man on the gridiron!
Chicago! Did you know it's windy there?
Young Al Gore, Boy Adventurer
In America, it's a sham! And other fun facts about democracy
Super-Fun-Pak Comix featuring Johnny and His Comically Large Sandwich
Bush 'n' Cheney's guide to getting rich
The education of Louis: I can't play that game, talking about stupid stuff
"We're gonna learn 'em some democracy."
Bill Dare, boy adventurer, falls into the hands of a mad genius spouting scientific non sequiturs!
Did you know: The universe is huge!
How Boca Raton Barbara won the election
Super-Fun-Pak Comix featuring "The Tapeworm That Saved Christmas"
Roaming the land, meting out tough justice, it's ... Judge Scalia!
The Tapeworm That Saved Christmas: The Movie
In this week's episode, Judge Scalia leaps into action!
Fun facts about Bob, that guy in the cubicle by the elevator
God-Man saves the day!
Earth-shattering inventions that will save the world!
Why am I so stupid?
The Fugitive II: Trapped!
Super Fun-Pak Comix!
Fun facts about evolution!
The history and future of layoffs.
The return of the Impossible Squad!
Billy Dare, boy adventurer, hot on the trail of Dr. Mordu!
Civilians at the helm: Where will it end?
God-Man vs. the Taliban!
The education of Louis
Fun facts about baseball!
Cows hold beef industry hostage: When will the madness end?
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: "America Loves Mobsters," "The Mad Cow" and more!
George W. Bush, compassionate environmentalist, rushes to the rescue of an endangered forest!
Coming soon! "Passing the Wind," starring Tom Green as Rhett Butler!
A mother's plea: Help me, Justice Scalia!
Fun facts about celebrities!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix!
Defection gives Grub Party control of the Group-by-the-Great-Water.
Judge Scalia's Guide to Golf
Attention, evil politicians!
Opposed to the slaughter of mentally retarded animals? Try Smart Meat!
Captain CEO meets cowboy symbolism!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix!
So I married an australopithecine!
Fun facts to know and tell about Dick Cheney.
What if other industries worked the way health insurance works?
When blastocysts go bad.
The Salvation Army heads our new faith-based military!
News levels dangerously low!
The education of Louis: Rebellion 101
Fun TV facts to entertain and anesthetize you!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix
"Terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, killing thousands."
Join the fun as we use foreigners as a source of amusing trivia!
God-Man strikes back at terror!
"America Back at War," starring Uncle Sam!
From shore to shore, Americans chip in!
Rich white guys speak out about the sacrifices they are willing to make for the War on Terrorism.
A daring American boy journeys to a strange land to hunt the world's scariest evildoer!
Osama declares victory as Hollywood celebrities cancel appearances!
The view from the New New Yorker.
Special celebrity "Cops": Get that Bad Boy bin Laden!
Attention CEOs: What to do if terrorists attack
Are things the same yet?
Your sensitive government at work.
Bud's All Stars: Collect cards for each of the fearsome foursome team owners who tore up the league last year!
The John Ashcroft Players present: "Our Bill of Rights"
It's official: Things are normal again!
Ricky and Debbie visit Enron.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix!
My secret was safe with Dick, and for that the V.P. will always be my hero.
The story of Bob, the lord of the "Lord of the Rings" figures.
Men's Individual De-Icing, Snow Angel Making and other events in the new, populist Olympics.
Billy Dare, boy adventurer, and the axis of evil.
Why Johnny joins the Taliban
Larry and Flyin' Feet, Phil O. Sophy n' Friends, and more Super-Fun-Pax Comix
The Nuclear Posture Review: 101 everyday uses for nuclear bombs, and more!
The new sequel to Mel Brooks' smash hit "The Producers": The Energy Traders!
The adventures of the Passive Aggressor
God-Man puts his foot down: Stop the fighting now!
Rosie to Tom: "I'm gay. Serve me lemonade."
The Bush Administration Players present: Adam Smith & the Genius of Capitalism
Marital Mirth, God-Man and more Super-Fun-Pax Comix!
The ancient shrine of SUVs.
God-Man narrowly averts ... Double-Danger!
The education of Louis: Literature acquisition
What if Tom Daschle were president in August 2001?
Patriotism for sale! Get your specially commissioned porcelain figure and certify your loyalty to the the Republican Party!
Secret Agent Z in "Our Man in Washington"
Up: Down -- And Down Is Up, Says Administration.
Science Facts for the Immature, Overweight People Falling Down and more in Super-Fun-Pak Comix!
News of the Times: President Bush wise and good
Corporate crime: A crime drama in eight panels, being a metaphor for current infamous illegalities
The 2002 Corporate All-Star Game.
Fun facts about the Apocalypse!
The Education of Louis: Home ec
Sam Roland, the detective who dies, in "A Death Most Fatal"
Our CEO president.
If you like Spider-Man, you'll love ... the Amazing George W!
The top-secret plan for Iraq
"Management Does the Darndest Things!" and other Super-Fun-Pak Comix
The outer reaches of plot twists: Please don't tell your friends the shocking beginning, middle and ending!
U.S. to bomb Antarctica!
Russ 'n Gus ask the hard questions.
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: On the home front!
The bareknuckled justice of Judge Scalia
Introducing Low Self-Esteem Teen Magazine!
The Bush Administration Players present: Iraq's Next President
Slap-Happy Stock Market Stories presents "One Day at the Henhouse."
Baby-Eating Aliens Party victorious!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix 90th anniversary!
The first Thanksgiving: Fun facts and tantalizing trivia about that 1621 respite from starvation and disease!
So, you're thinking of going to nursery school!
The untold story of the Nine Commandments.
Wall Street Journal Comix presents ... Lucky Ducky!
Lucky Ducky continues his lucky streak.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Foibles, Lucky Ducky and more!
Even Superman isn't safe in the public domain!
Lucky Ducky always finds a way to come out on top!
Fun facts about "Lord of the Rings" -- by someone who has never seen the movies nor read the books!
Lucky Ducky's Fun Page!
Charley the Australopithecine: Your worst nightmare!
The White House prepares for unexpected hazardous conditions -- like dissent from tax cuts!
Honest George's car lot: Our customers keep comin' back!
Menace From the Deep
Did you know? This week: The Oscars!
Can you spot the double taxation?
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Armchair Warrior, Jasper the Friendly American, and more!
Where can God-Man be?
Now you can own a version of the M-1 Abrams tank: It's the M-Wunner!
Lucky Ducky goes to war!
How anti-sodomy laws saved America!
Coming soon to the silver screen: "The New Yorker's Businessman Behind a Desk Talking to His Secretary."
News of the Times: Economy in recovery!
"Consciousness Cut-ups," "Ephram the Very Randy Elephant", "Round-Up of Political Cartoons from the Animal Kingdom (World)", and more Super-Fun-Pak Comix!
The adventures of the passive aggressor, hero of the oppressed.
News of the Times: Corrections
Freeloading paupers were about to gorge themselves on the child tax credit -- until Lucky Ducky came to the rescue!
God-Man and the Real Estate of the Righteous.
Bush's new strategy of celebrity prosecution.
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: Suddenly, a suburban Chicago high school!
Australo-Pithecene's Night Out, or Why don't you see more hominids from the Pliocene epoch in restaurants?
Judge Scalia: The Lone Wolf of Law
Honest George's Car Lot.
Post-War Pundit: Pick a side, and roll the dice!
What the defense of "traditional" marriage really means.
Bob's Eye for the Straight Guy: He'll make you even less fabulous!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Adventures of Rob Lowe and His Dog Thor, Science Facts for the Immature, and more!
Brain in a Beaker: "Wild Weekend"
An asteroid is coming that could DOOM the earth! Quick -- invade Iraq!
A presidential message, from postwar Wilkes Land, Antarctica.
Harvey Richards Esq., Lawyer for Children: RIAA Lawsuit Defense A Specialty. Kids to RIAA: Liar, liar pants on fire!
Morality in a God-man-less universe.
Journalism Ethics 101: A handy guide to the protection of confidential sources.
At the Humane Foie Gras Farm ...
What you never knew about the World Series -- or ever even thought to ask.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Chaos Butterfly, Man Walks Into a Bar, and more.
Lucky Ducky in "Rush to Judgment"!
Brain in a beaker.
Presidential Revisionist Comics: Did I say, Bring 'em on? I meant, Be prepared for a long, hard fight!
Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer, in ... "Smugglers' Cape."
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Pavlov's Dogs, Non-Recurring Characters, and more!
"Cold War Strategies on the Highway," or "Outspent Into Oblivion" -- a diatribe in six panels.
Introducing Skull Stalker: He kicks ass!
War profiteering.
The cold, hard, fun facts about Ben & J.Lo!
Did gambling ruin your life? Try Charlie Hustle's 12-Step Program for Compulsive Gamblers.
Thrilling Space Stories, starring President Bush. This week: To the moon!
When God-Man shifts his weight ...
Lucky Ducky meets the Energy Task Force.
News of the Times: Janet Jackson blames CIA for wardrobe malfunction, orders probe.
Encyclopedia Bush: The Case of the Generous Polluter.
Did you know? Astound your friends with these Oscar-riffic fun facts and Academ-azing info-bits!
What deadly menace may call upon the Super-Justice Team to pool their superpowers?
For athletic success ... Spark Up!
The Natural World of Nature: This week, our closest relative, the chimpanzee, acting naturally!
Australopithecine 'tude for the Homo sapien dude!
News of the Times: "Swear to God" phrase challenged!
News of the Times: Bush administration reveals plan to attack rising gasoline prices!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Marital Mirth, Caveman Dreams and more!
Attention, multimillionaires! Get the government to do anything you want using the Ahmad Chalabi Method.
Billy Dare, boy adventurer, in "Smuggler's Cape."
Behold: Zantar!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Elevator Trip of the Damned, Chaos Butterfly, and more!
Bush discovered to be evil cyborg -- Kerry still lags in polls.
The Homophobic Players present: "Two Years Later -- A Cautionary Tale."
Being George Bush
That lucky Iraqi Ducki!
Zantarr, king of the ape lice!
The further adventures of President Bush and "The Pet Goat."
More fist-flyin' justice from Judge Scalia!
Reality is the hottest thing in Hollywood! And the great thing is -- many of us live in it!
Coming this fall: Spider-Man 9/11!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Ben Affleck's Hemorrhoids, Young Guy With an Old-Guy Face, and more!
The insult that made a man out of a "girlie-man."
The noble history of the Free Speech Zone.
Hollywood Tales: Tom Cruise in "What a Day for a Walk"
God-Man, the superhero with omnipotent powers, makes a house call!
The Republican Guide to New York City!
President Kerry: Day One
The latest adventure of the Passive Aggressor, the superhero who's even more angst-ridden than Spider-Man!
Bush and Kerry's World War II records examined!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Strange Yet Surprisingly Personal, Dinkle, Yuks, and more!
The Cabinet: Candidates take on their assignments. Then they must face the wrath of the president!
Lucky Ducky wins again!
Meet the Regulators, doing what they do best: Excusing violators, ignoring scientists and cross-checking political donations!
The Secret Adventures of G.W. Bush: The mystery of the bulge is revealed!
The most wrong man in the world.
Did you know that Ashlee Simpson owns the world's smallest ball of twine?
Nov. 3: The morning Americans woke up and found out who they really are.
Dinkle, the unlovable loser: He's such a loser he's not even lovable!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Old Guy Who Dresses Too Young, Marital Mirth, and more!
Can the Fabulous-es learn to be happy in today's America?
The evolution of a basketball fan.
Of sorcery and scandals
God-Man pulls back the curtain!
Hollywood Tales: Tom, Julia, Brian and a surprise ending!
The year Dinkle didn't save Christmas.
The Adventures of Sam Roland, the Detective Who Dies.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Guy Walks Into a Bar, Science Facts for the Immature, and more!
News of the Times: Baby-eating-aliens party to reform chest cavities!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Red-blooded Heterosexual Americans, Deathkiller and more!
Girls gone mild!
Did you know? This week: Oscars 2005!
News flash: Dinkle's real identity exposed!
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: Quentin's Tale.
Judge Scalia goes 18th century on your butt!
Charley the Australopithecine learns the rules of the guys.
Is the system finally failing Lucky Ducky?
Justice Scalia walks a lonely path across the American states, meting out justice to local townsfolk. But now, he's not alone.
The competition heats up for God-Man.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Angelic Innocence of Children, Fun Facts for the Psychotic, and more!
President Bush's culture-of-life blowout sale!
Tales of Boca Raton Barbara.
God-Man battles the filibusterer!
Why should we believe this theory that water freezes at 32 degrees?
John Bolton's Guide to Diplomacy
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Cutest Thing Ever, Guy in the Airport Who Thinks He's Fabulous, and more!
The education of Louis: Social studies.
True war-watching tales: Caught in the grip of a war so boring and repetitive, Americans can hardly stand it!
Hollywood Tales: Tom, Brad and Russell in "Temper, Temper!"
Max & Doug: Together again after 10 long years
There's no such thing as evolution! Just ask the Creationist Patrol.
Hollywood Tales: Tom Cruise in "Majority Retort."
Lucky Ducky: The poor little duck who's rich in luck!
News flash: George Washington now says he won't fire Benedict Arnold unless a crime was committed.
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: Back against the wall!
Once upon a time there lived a bare-knuckled badger-wrasslin' judge named Scalia...
The heartwarming tale of how hard-bitten Justice Scalia raised young John Roberts.
The Education of Louis
Dinkle the Unlovable Loser: Phone Phiasco!
Harvey Richards, lawyer for children: Eeway eakspay Igpay Atinlay!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Jest fer Yuks, Science Facts for the Immature, Disney Jokes, and more!
"Hurricanes for Fun & Profit! A Lucky Ducky Guide"
Play the Blame Game: The game you must deny you're playing ... in order to win!
God-Man's mysterious ways.
Besides "March of the Penguins," what other nature documentaries confirm the rightness of conservative, Republican values?
Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer: A particularly poorly written episode.
The Education of Louis: "Last Halloween"
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: "Small Children Talking Like Philosophical Adults," "Oh, That Matthew Modine!" and more.
News of the Times: Scandals erupt over Bush team's devotion to education!
A little ditty for the Supremes.
President Goofus and President Gallant: Honesty and integrity in the White House.
Now playing: "Ours by the Gross"! Can 144 kids live in the same family and not drive their parents crazy?
News of the Times: Supreme Court nominee sending mixed messages!
"Intelligent Design to the Rescue" -- or, "Hey, Are Those Designer Genes?"
How the Grinch started a war on Christmas! A Fox News Christmas story.
Dick Cheney's Philosophical Thought-Experiment Legislation: Outlaw Torture?!
Introducing the new Louis Maltby
The NSA Division of Illegal Wiretapping presents: Your Government Working for You!
God-Man, the superhero with omnipotent powers! This week: Danger in the Dorm
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Oprah's Classix Comix, Office Follies, Dinkle, the Unlovable Loser, and more!
"Brokeback" was just the start! Coming soon: Extra-sensitive gay invaders from outer space!
If damselflies could talk ... this would be their story.
A Million Little Barrels: A story of addiction. By George W. Bush (Disclaimer: Saddam's possession of WMD is only an "emotional truth").
How blasphemous cartoons by infidel cartoonists are dealt with in the U.S.
A special free-speech edition of Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Killjoy Was Here, Holocaust Denial Comics, and more!
Hollywood Tales: Jude Law starring in "But Jude Law Wasn't Even in a Movie Last Year..."
An Ode to Bagel Bites.
"Damn Yankees" -- the smash musical sensation starring Barry Bonds!
Uncle Sam in "Around the World in 4 1/2 Years"
News of the times: Beached lobbyists confound experts.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Chicken Wire Momma, Anthropomorphic Antix, and more!
God-Man and "The Power of Prayer"
Kids, there's a monster under your bed!
Lucky Ducky, the poor little duck who's rich in luck, in: "The High Cost of the Free Market."
Dinkle, the Unlovable Loser: "Making New Friends"
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: Attack of the spurious flashback!
The Da Vinci Code cracked!
A public service announcement for those Americans who have no problem with the NSA's telephone data-mining program...
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Lucky Ducky, Erectile Dysfunction Man, Cartoon Caption Contest, and more!
Is pollution causing global warming? Ask Hollingsworth Hound.
Abandon hope, all ye who enter into ... Disney's Inferno!
Buy a Hummer and General Motors has a deal for you!
Got a bunch of terrorists to exterminate? Call in the Impossible Squad!
From TV channel laws to the latest in backseat territory law, the latest in sibling law.
Thank Allah for the New York Times!
Breaking up with an Australopithecine is hard to do.
U.S. invades fertility clinic, liberates embryos!
The Education of Louis: Perfecting the stare.
Hollywood tales: Mel Gibson in "Tequila Sunset"
Waiting for God-Man
A bad week for Pluto!
The party was going well until the Australopithecine showed up...
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Loofy Laffs, Silly Sockers, Humorous Ha-Has and more!
What's so funny?
How can we show the world we're serious about the "war on terror"? Dick Cheney reveals our next strategic moves.
Lucky Ducky: The poor little duck who's rich in luck!
Finding Larry Dodson: An American master.
Larry Dodson: An American Master.
The GOP's got a thing for youth.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Dead and Dying Artforms, Classic Comix, James Poult and more!
Larry Dodson's meteoric rise to the top of the art world continued!
Lucky Ducky meets the liberal media. Gotcha!
The adventures of Definitely-Not-Gay-Man!
Larry Dodson, American Master: Where is he now?
At home with Nate the neoconservative.
This week's episode of God-Man: "Men in Red Suits"!
Getting ahead at the office.
U.S. moon base set to open: Moon mall now operational!
Coming this season, the show you fondly remember from the early '70s ... "Brandon Hooper."
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Marital Mirth, G-Rated Pornographic Comics, Robot and more!
Following the word of God-Man!
Great Imaginary Conversations, as conducted by Louis Maltby (while walking to the library to be picked up by his mom).
Does watching the news bum you out? Then you've sacrificed enough!
Nate the neoconservative: "Being a Pundit Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry!"
Charley the Australopithecine begins to see the light.
Crisis in Africa! Are Angelina and Brad getting married, or aren't they?
"All the President's Stenographers": Intrepid journalism in the 21st century.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: It'll Happen Every Ding-Dong Time, Life in the Matrix, and more!
Anna Nicole Smith's death now accounts for a higher percentage of the nation's GDP than housing construction!
"An Incompetent Boob"
"Death of a Detective Who Dies": The final chapter in the storied career of Sam Roland.
The Education of Louis: The Movie.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Epic/Brutal Report, Guy Walks Into a Bar, Cruel Humor, and more!
Li'l George and the hornet's nest.
On the distant planet of Thamboria, a bold plan to end war.
What to do with the incomprehensible.
Want to fight global warming without changing your carbon-spewing lifestyle?
Corporate character updates: Your favorite marketing icons revived for a more racially sensitive era!
Secret Agent Z stars in "The Spy Who Cherry-picked Me"!
Games Louis plays: Thinking through the project.
Charley the Australopithecine drops in on the Geico Cavemen. Hilarity ensues.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Loony Laws, Science Facts for the Immature, Cool White Guys Using 10-Year-Old Black Slang, and more!
Critics agree: Everything was better when you were 12.
Bert the Turtle prepares for a gay bomb.
Oh no, it's King George.
The secret files of Dick Cheney.
Introducing cereal mascots guaranteed not to appeal to kids. Martin Amis for Apple Jacks, anyone?
This just in: Juan Sanchez admits he's an illegal immigrant.
Louis' imaginary conversation with New York Mets third baseman David Wright.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Guy Walks Into a Bar, Marital Mirth and more!
A neocon decides that debating the war is hell.
Great moments in sports history: Pud Reilly breaks career home run record!
My blind date was an Australopithecine!
Countdown to Armageddon with Billy Dare, Boy Adventurer!
Lucky Ducky and poverty lines throughout the ages.
God-Man's earliest adventures!
Do not tell President Bush about this!
Evolution of a hip, ironic catchphrase: Don't tase me, bro!
The first war ever.
Lucky Ducky in "S-chape up or S-chip out!"
Meet the new gay stereotype!
To support our nation's defense contractors, we introduce a new line of Posters for the Homefront.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Epic/Brutal Report, Comics for Dogs, and more!
The Education of Louis: Picking sides.
Palmer leaves Mansen Electrical Supply: Fans distraught!
Billy Dare, boy adventurer: Into the Narratron!
CEOs terrorizing city streets!
Drunk shirtless guy on YouTube: That's entertainment!
See how great journalism is done!
Are whites smarter than blacks? Let's try this experiment and see!
Behold the Striking Writer!
Waddy McPhlegmster's pledge: No spit.
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: The Epic/Brutal Report, the Evolution of Animal Neckwear, and more!
Nate the neoconservative: Doesn't anyone else "get it"?
God-Man and Human-Man team up to fight crime!
Dinkle, the unlovable loser: What kind of horse tranquilizer do you recommend with the sea bass?
The new, improved C-SPAN -- all sports, all the time!
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: Albert the Spit-Take, the Epic/Brutal Report and more!
Superdelegate: He came to save them from democracy!
The education of Louis: Cause and effect.

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