RDF/XML got you down? Tired of having to go through contortions to deal with data? Want to write Python and be standards-compatible at the same time? Need a module to implement the psuedo-code you had on your slides? TRAMP may or may not be the answer to these problems!

TRAMP makes it trivial to read those confusing RDF/XML files:

# Find Yo-Yo:
YoYo = store.triples(None, foaf.homepage, "http://yoyo.example.org/")
# Print essential details:
print "Name:", YoYo[foaf.name]
print "Age:", YoYo[foaf.age]
print "Sex:", YoYo[foaf.sex]
print "Location:", YoYo[foaf.location]

Wasn't that stupendously simple, natural and easy? And TRAMP lets you set RDF properties too:

YoYo[gov.enemyCombatantStatus] = gov.UnderConsideration

Imagine the fun you'll have! Yes, RDF just a module away, as easy to use as a dictionary.

Download it today: tramp.py, rdf.py, rdflib.