Raw Thought

by Aaron Swartz

And Now, The News

My company was acquired today.

Friends in Cambridge: we’ll be hanging out at Border Cafe tonight.

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October 31, 2006


Great news - congratulations! I’ll miss your Cambridge/Somerville blog posts, but I’m sure SF will be an exciting change for you.

posted by Daniel Jalkut on October 31, 2006 #

Congratulations! Hopefully you wont lose interest in webapps now that that’s sorted - web.py has been an excellent side-effect of that venture.

posted by Tom Berger on October 31, 2006 #


Is money falling from the sky yet? :-)

posted by Seth Finkelstein on October 31, 2006 #

Awesome! Many congrats to you and the rest of the team.

posted by Edward O'Connor on October 31, 2006 #

Congratulations! You guys earned it!

posted by Gabor Cselle on October 31, 2006 #

Congrats Aaron!!

posted by Jeremiah Rogers on October 31, 2006 #

What — you won’t be out trick-or-treating tonight? Congrats…

posted by Mike Sierra on October 31, 2006 #

Congratulations to the entire Not A Bug team

posted by Kenny Sanders on October 31, 2006 #

More proof that the only way for New Media to make money is by selling out to Old Media.

The revolution will not be monetized.

posted by Charles Eicher on October 31, 2006 #

congrats Aaron!

posted by Lee Bryant on October 31, 2006 #


I wonder if and when Paul Graham will divulge whether this acquisition has turned Y combinator into a break-even or profitable company. It will be interesting to know. If true, that would mean you’re now a millionaire!

Thank you very much for making Reddit what it is, along with the others. I have found a lot of interesting things online that I never would have found if not for Reddit.

posted by Ben Atkin on October 31, 2006 #

Okay, so, what’s the real news? How do you expect your work to change?

posted by misuba on November 1, 2006 #

(Shucks, I’m going to be at Border Cafe on Thursday! ) Congratulations, indeed!

posted by Reg Aubry on November 1, 2006 #

Congrats! “second fiddle to digg” may be in terms of quantity, certainly not in quality.

posted by Olivier Ansaldi on November 2, 2006 #

Sweet! Congratulations to the entire crew. When do you guys head out to the Left Coast?

posted by greg on November 3, 2006 #

Hi Aaron, congratulations. Go forward. Peter

posted by Rechtsanwalt Strafrecht on April 18, 2007 #

My congrats too. it seems like another story “from the dishwasher to a millonaire” - the american dream :-). But i think it must be a greater pleasure for you that Mr. “Internet” - Tim Berners-Lee u know and mentioned it: http://dig.csail.mit.edu/breadcrumbs/node/170

i would be ;-)

i wish you good luck for your future

posted by Johanna on May 12, 2007 #

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