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by Aaron Swartz

Birthday Thoughts

It’s my birthday today, although it doesn’t feel like it. But better than any material presents I would want is making my on-screen debut. I sound so profound with a soundtrack!

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November 8, 2005


Documentary looks very cool. But it appears to focus on Joel’s summer interns (of which you are not one) — so how did you get in on that?

posted by Jeremiah Rogers on November 8, 2005 #

They spent a day at the Summer Founders Program for contrast and background (which is why Paul Graham is in there cooking us dinner). And while it’s in Boston, it also interviews Dan Bricklin (who appears at the beginning). I’m not sure exactly how it fits into the movie’s plot, though, since I haven’t seen it yet.

posted by Aaron Swartz on November 8, 2005 #

Happy birthday!

posted by Mike Cohen on November 8, 2005 #

Happy Birthday! Your bit of the trailer is compelling. Looks like the movie might be good.

posted by Andy Schilling on November 9, 2005 #

Happy B’day! Hope you enjoyed your trip!

posted by J. on November 9, 2005 #

Happy birthday. That is all.

posted by Robert Brook on November 9, 2005 #

HB. Trailer looks great. What’s that song playing over it?

posted by Ofer Nave on November 10, 2005 #

I believe it’s an original score.

posted by Aaron Swartz on November 10, 2005 #

Happy birthday

posted by x5 on November 15, 2005 #

Well happy birthday, happens to be the same day as mine (I’m a year older tho) haha. Excellent stuff you’re doing man. Keep on keepin on.

posted by Rev.Dustin on December 1, 2005 #

birthday is the time when we thank the almighty god for blessing us with some one as special as you in our lives and making it a beautiful heaven.

posted by garima on March 10, 2007 #

Birthday is a very special day to us specially to a celebrant,but for me it’s same like an ordinary day ,so sad :-( because my parents forgot to greet me…I feel frustrated!

posted by fergie on August 16, 2007 #

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