Raw Thought

by Aaron Swartz

Welcome to the Panopticon

“Your picture is going to be on the front door of Wired News,” Quinn told me. “That’s almost like being a journalist,” I replied. “No,” she explained. “The thing about being a journalist is that it’s never about you. You’re like the person sitting next to the journalist.” “Funny that,” I replied, “because that’s exactly what I am.”

This year’s Chaos Communication Congress opens with a unique opportunity — your chance to track the movements of a Wired News’ reporter on the scene, as well as nearly a thousand other visitors to the annual hacker convention.


track Quinn Norton (ID 254135) and Wired Digital’s Aaron Swartz (ID 254260), two of nearly 1,000 participants wearing RFID trackers for the duration of the congress.

(Quinn Norton, Hacker Con Submits to Spychips, Wired News, December 28, 2006)

“It’s funny,” I noted. “The first time my employers find out where I am this week may be when they report it on their own news site.”

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December 28, 2006


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