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Fashion Notes

It is Boston in the Fall, when school starts and the kids begin to pour in. Because I am a sad and lonely masochist, I have spent some sunny days walking among the tree-lined streets of the city, observing the happy, well-bred young people in their natural habitat. I have noticed that these children of the elite appear to have some patterns in their choice of clothing and thought that some of my more discerning readers might wish to know how they too can appear to be a hip young Harvard student.

Girls: Wear a tight bright shirt with a large neck and half-length sleeves on top of tight light blue jeans.

Guys: Wear tight brown hoodies over a dark T-shirt on top of semi-tight dark blue jeans.

That is all.

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October 2, 2006


“Because I am a sad and lonely masochist”

Why all the self-loathing?

You got into a pretty good school yourself, you’ve been featured in Wired magazine, and Graham himself invited you to apply for YC’s first funding round (which, unlike the rest of us unknowns, guaranteed that you’d be accepted).

So why the long face?

Is it because you’re not physically imposing?

Are you worried your time at reddit/infogami won’t amount to anything?

Do you wish that Graham was a girl so you could make sweet love to him?

What is it?

posted by Anon4Now on October 2, 2006 #

While the Anon4Now comment is a bit much (and well off the mark), I would also say that you should lay off the hatorade a bit. Your last few posts seem to be trending higher in it.

posted by Dan on October 7, 2006 #

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