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Shirt courtesy Danny O’Brien.

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January 24, 2007


Dude, you’re young and handsome. Cut your hair and shave.

Nice shirt.

Hope everything’s going to be OK with you. Any blog post about what may be next?

posted by David on January 24, 2007 #

Put the facts together, and it becomes clear: The USA is becoming a police state:


posted by Joe on January 24, 2007 #


posted by Seth Roberts on January 24, 2007 #

Maybe you can write another fake suicide note and guilt them into bringing you back.

posted by David Slone on January 24, 2007 #

Where you fired or you resigned. Common, tell us the juicy details? I knew that Aaron, the original non-conformist, wouldn’t last at Wired.

posted by AL on January 24, 2007 #

don’t cut your hair and don’t shave.

in face, if you can grow a beard, do it.

posted by bill kellerman on January 24, 2007 #

Or, uh… do whatever you like.

posted by Ben Donley on January 24, 2007 #

Dude, LOVE the shirt!! Stick it to them!

posted by Susan on January 24, 2007 #

I warned yaa - google has connections everywhere.

posted by Gnonymous Coward on January 24, 2007 #

I though your previous entry said your resignation had been accepted…or were you being sarcastic?


posted by ged on January 24, 2007 #

Just. So. Wrong. My thoughts are with you. Uh - in a non-paranormal way, of course. You know what I mean!

posted by Reg Aubry on January 24, 2007 #

Well, I don’t know the fashion in ‘cisco, I’ll admit. Also, my comment about hoping all is going to be well, on second thought, is very silly; as Aaron is brilliant and well-connected, I’m certain he’ll be just fine :)

Provided he doesn’t kill himself.

posted by David M. on January 27, 2007 #

I love it.

Thanks for posting that, it made my day.

posted by Steven Hansen on January 27, 2007 #

Brilliant, brilliant tshirt!

posted by Martin DeMello on January 28, 2007 #

time for something new. start a new wave garage rock band.

posted by dweebcentric on January 29, 2007 #

I see reddit has dropped their alien from the logo today. I wonder if there is any significance.

Good luck with your post dot-com life, I think you will manage fine.

posted by Harald Korneliussen on January 29, 2007 #

dude, as the first commenter said, go to a hairmaker and also cut shave. ladies gonna love you. no offence, you look like you totally neglect yourself.

posted by elegance on May 7, 2007 #


posted by kesor on May 11, 2007 #

Sorry late comment…. Just recently started reading your stuff. You don’t look geeky enough in that picture by the way! I think you can do better than that. lol. Maybe you can use a pair of big glasses like Bill Gates when he was still starting out.

posted by Fiona on August 25, 2008 #

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