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by Aaron Swartz

FOO Camp

I was recently excited to be invited to FOO camp, where all the leading figures of the modern technology industry shared their deep thoughts with me. Having already started a successful startup, I decided this year it was time to give back to the community, so I did some one-on-one consulting with future entrepreneurs.

Here’s a photo of me listening to a pitch from up-and-comer Ada Norton about the layer architecture of her new Fish-on-Puppies web application framework. Definitely one to watch — I’ve recommended that Y Combinator invest immediately.

Ada Norton pitches her idea
(more photos)

I generously gave Ada a 20% discount off my normal consulting fees, in exchange for 10% of the company. I hope that other entrepreneurs will follow my lead in generously giving back to the community.

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August 25, 2005


Love that picture!

posted by Mark Newhouse on August 25, 2005 #

Ah, what a splendid entry to bring back the comments. ;)

Fish-on-Puppies web application framework

But: Does it scale?

posted by Sencer on August 25, 2005 #

Does it scale? Who cares! All that matters is that now our consultant can get $$$ and a share in someone else’s company and a look at the company’s IP, and all this just by giving some fluffy advice, probably along the lines of “Great idea! Go! Go!” or “This sucks 100%. Blow up and redo.” And on top of that, our consultant gets to call it a way to “give back to the community”!

This probably means that I should go into consultancy too. But first I need a bottle of Aaron’s Secret Stuff…

posted by bi on August 30, 2005 #

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