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by Aaron Swartz

Incredible opportunity: looking for a writer

It’s been an incredible year at Demand Progress. When we started telling folks we needed to stop the Internet censorship bill, they looked at us like we were crazy. Now the bill is dead forever and SOPA is practically a household name.

It’s been an exciting run, but now it’s time to take things to an entirely new level, which is why we’re kicking off an exciting new project to find the campaigns that our over 1 million members want to work on next. And we’re looking for someone to lead it.

It’s a pretty incredible job: you’ll be leading a new lab to try to pioneer innovative ways of thinking about what works in online campaigning. And because it’s so experimental, it doesn’t require a whole lot of experience—in fact, not having any preconceptions might be a plus. It’d be perfect, for example, for a smart kid straight out of college.

Here’s what you do need:

It’d be even better if:

but those aren’t required.

This is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to make a splash in the world of activism—it’s the kind of job I wish I’d had starting out.

If you’re interested, fill out our application form. If it seems too long, don’t worry — almost all the fields are optional. The really important thing is just the writing assignment toward the end (under “Additional Information”). Thanks!

Plus: interns!

Even if you’re not looking for a job, we’re looking for some interns to help us with this project, especially over the summer. It can be part-time and located from anywhere, and again, it’ll be an amazing opportunity: you’ll get to launch entirely new campaigns that we’ll ask our over 1 million members to take action on. If you’re interested, just signup here. Again, most of the questions aren’t required.

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April 17, 2012


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