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by Aaron Swartz

Public Service Announcement

These are sad days for American democracy. Ohio congressman Bob Ney took bribes of tens of thousands of dollars in contributions and gifts. California congressman Duke Cunningham is in jail after forfeiting $1.8 million in bribes. And Louisiana congressman William Jefferson is giving up $1 million in bribes after an FBI raid on his house found $90,000 in a freezer.

In these days of widespread corruption and bribery, it is important to remember that no, this is not how our great democracy is supposed to work. The bribery is supposed to be much more subtle — not to mention legal.

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May 10, 2006


Such bribery (overt or not) wouldn’t be worth a dime if it didn’t go both ways — politicians bribe us, too. Considering the trillions of dollars they hold sway over, I’m surprised the amounts we’re talking about are so small.

posted by Mike Sierra on May 11, 2006 #

About the only way to reduce (and perhaps eliminate) these bribes (both to the elected officials and from them to special interests or the general population) is by reducing the scope of government to that envisioned in the Constitution. If the federal government budget were say 0.1% of what it is today there would be much less influence peddling. For more on this, read Harry Browne’s Why Government Doesn’t Work (http://www.libertyfree.com/WGDW/Chapter6.htm - sample chapter).

posted by Joe on May 12, 2006 #

Would there be .1 percent of the influence peddling? Just wondering…

posted by Mike Sierra on May 12, 2006 #

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posted by Ed Curtis on December 7, 2006 #

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