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by Aaron Swartz

High Gas Prices Are Reagan’s Fault

A decade from now, when the seas begin to rise and the earth begins to boil, who will get blamed? Surely not George W. Bush, who spent 8 crucial years denying the problem, slowing the movement of other countries, and giving India and China an excuse for delay.

As evidence, look at what happen to Jimmy Carter. He called for a national investment in alternative energy so that gas-guzzling cars would be a thing of the past. Reagan scuttled all that and today as oil prices rise we have very little in the way of alternatives ready. But the sainted Reagan is never blamed.

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September 18, 2008


I dunno what blogs you’ve been reading, but I’ve seen Reagan being blamed for months now.

posted by James on September 19, 2008 #

“scuttled” not “scuffled”

posted by Susan on September 21, 2008 #

Sainted Reagan did not believe that meddling in markets was the solution. You apparently do.* From the standpoint of correlation, we have only theories that say we will be boiling in 10 years. I am old enough (not very much older than you, ironically) to remember Time Magazine and many other popular periodicals warning of a coming Ice Age (along with the typical news rags). I remain skeptical. Those were convincing theories then as [the new ones] are now. Markets always find ways around meddling. The fact remains that petrol offers the most easily exploited amount of energy per unit compared to other energies. Wishing it weren’t so doesn’t change it. Artificial scarcity does not solve this when there are *not alternatives yet. Carter cannot be applauded nor Reagan blamed. Technology and innovation guided by real and actual need and real and actual solutions will lead to alternatives - not some pandering politician nor alarmists who make bold claims about the future that are not backed up by solid evidence that we expect when confirming or debunking widely held theories. My 2c.

posted by steven n fettig on September 25, 2008 #

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