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Secured Leisure

When I was disengaged myself, as above mentioned, from private business, I flattered myself that, by the sufficient though moderate fortune I had acquired, had secured leisure during the rest of my life for philosophical studies and amusements. I purchased all Dr. Spence’s apparatus, who had come from England to lecture in Philadelphia, and I proceeded in my electrical experiments with great alacrity; but the public, now considering me as a man of leisure, laid hold of me for their purposes; every part of our civil government—and almost at the same time—imposing some duty upon me. The Governor put me into the commission of the peace; the corporation of the city chose me one of the common council, and soon after alderman; and the citizens at large elected me a burgess to represent them in the Assembly.

(Benjamin Franklin, Autobiography)

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April 22, 2007


Improved ecommerce for public benefit?

Someone with computer skills and leisure might take a look at a project that could make new business models feasible — especially for musicians, artists, and other small businesses selling digital content at low prices.

By lucky accident I explored possible uses for online financial accounts that could REPRODUCE through any number of generations, inherit many services, options, and methods through family trees, and evolve in community use. It’s new and appears revolutionary, but hasn’t received much attention.

My overview at www.smart-accounts.org may look too good to be true. But if it won’t work, then somebody who’s bright could figure that out quickly. I’ve looked for a showstopper for two years and haven’t found one.

This idea needs both commercial and open-source development. It should be available for all, not locked away in some corporation’s patent collection. I published it quietly for just that purpose, and have no proprietary claims.

John S. James, Philadelphia

posted by John S. James on April 24, 2007 #

I get it! You think you’re comparing yourself to Ben Franklin!

posted by captainObvious on April 25, 2007 #

Aaron, you should get business cards printed up that say “International man of leisure”. It’ll get the point across. Works with the ladies too, I hear.

posted by James Head on May 3, 2007 #

That’s cool. I’m sure you can do incredible things with such free time.

posted by Connelly Barnes on May 5, 2007 #

Stop deleting the posts, mate.

posted by Bot on June 11, 2007 #

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