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The Startup News

New from me: The Startup News, featuring the latest news about Google, Yahoo, various new startups, acquisitions, funding, and all that jazxz, in a concise easy-to-read format.

Plus: MP3s, slides, and podcasts from the Y Combinator Startup School.

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October 26, 2005


I like that they offer podcasts but found that teh print format was easy to understand.

posted by Ashley Bowers on November 24, 2005 #

What are eForms?

eForms allow digital documents to be served on the internet and organisations can sign and countersign them to reach a legal agreement. They can be routed to the right people through workflow systems to the right people/processes.

More and more legal and financial companies are looking at eForms to eliminate the paperwork, related costs and errors.

Metaaso eforms is a java based solution. (http://www.metaaso.com )

posted by Ankit Mehta on May 27, 2006 #

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