It’s been a long time since we’ve had snow, especially packing snow as good as this. I was so excited, I grabbed my brothers and we ran outside to have a snowball fight.

Until yesterday, I almost thought we weren’t going to get any snow this year (except for a little bit a few weeks ago that melted quickly). However, here it is, gloriously covering the trees and houses with a blanket of white.

I wasn’t too interesed in actually fighting, so I started to make a snowman. I remember when I was younger, probably around second grade, when the class would go outside and make snowballs during recess. Everyone wanted a turn to push the snowballs, which means that most people could only push for just a little bit. (Not being involved in the open source community back then, I didn’t know that the appropriate thing to do would have been to fork the project.)

We built some really humongous snowballs that way. Sometimes they were so big that even has winter disappeared and all the snow had melted, large lumps of icy snow would stay in the middle of the field where our snowball once had been. We built the snowballs into all sorts of things: forts, igloos, snowment, other creatures, etc. We made snow angels, snow messages, and tried to visit the patch of snow that wasn’t yet trodden upon.

So today, for probably what is the first time in my life, I got to make a full-sized snowman. He now stands by the lamp, carefully guarding our driveway.


Pictures were taken with my Powershot S110, downloaded with iPhoto, uploaded with Radio UserLand. The process could use a little work…and i’m working on it!

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