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Hack of the Day: Aaron’s Do The Right Thing.

Garrison Keillor: “It is crucial to put the work in typescript, read it word for word and patch it with a pencil: computer writing tends to be flabby and tone-deaf otherwise.”

John McCarthy: “Paper will be needed until screens are better. […] Print the document for reading and then throw it away. I’ll do that even at the cost of losing the pretty red ink I’ve put on my printout of the Manifesto.”

Rat Poison: “Pot and lame type systems like in C/C++ do not mix.” [via mbp, wmf]

Dave Winer: “This API views a post as a package of metadata with some well-known names and room to grow on an organized or an ad hoc basis. In my experience those are the kinds of APIs that have legs.”

RSS 1.0 Spec: “RSS continues to be re-purposed, aggregated, and categorized, the need for an enhanced metadata framework grows. […] Namespace-based modules allow compartmentalized extensibility.”

The Apple Pro Keyboard has a particularly useless feature: If you hold the “num lock” key down, instead of just pressing it, it will blink and turn off when you let go of it.

Fresh Googlewhacks: agoraphobic tarsier, subaltern tarsier, agoraphobic meerkat.

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