Eric Brunner-Williams: Comments on the Preliminary Evaluation Report. In summary:

ISOC is at risk of bankruptcy. GNR is just a front office. NeuStar is executing drastic layoffs and office closures.

The evaluation rated the same proposal “marginal” when it came from one bidder and “acceptable” from another. The review literally restates the new gTLD contract order: Afilias (.info), NeuStar (.biz), GNR (.name), Register (.pro). Non-profit participation is only detrimental and wholly non-profit bids are mnarginalized.

The bids were filled with low-content boiler point. The discussion forums were filled with meaningless letters of support. The technical review ignored the serious operational issues. Nobody with experience was involved in the review.

“True simplicity really is what the market needs.”

posted August 28, 2002 05:27 PM (Technology) #


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