A file cabinet being thrown out the window Jon Keegan, New York Times

David Gelernter has another article in the Times today. What’s up with this? Why does Gelernter get so much print, when many other innovative developers get none? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan, but it’s getting a little much. What other New York Times writer gets to push their own products in news stories?

And the content is a little strange too. There’s the usual explanation of why Scopeware is The Most Important Thing (when do we get to try it, David?) but he also says that there isn’t anything wrong with Windows, we just need to use it to climb out of our hole. It’s remarkable how close this is to Andreesen’s comment about “poorly-debugged device drivers” but it’s even more remarkable that he goes immediately on to say that Microsoft isn’t harming innovation and hasn’t done anything to stop it.

Does your computer not crash, Gelernter? Are you never affected by Windows viruses? Do you not find the interface ugly?

That aside, there’s the usual great thoughts about the computer and an absolutely delightful illustration. YOU CAN AND MUST DESTROY FILE CABINETS NOW! I cut it out of the paper and taped it to my door. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that.

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