Word on the street is that the FCC is planning to issue a Broadcast Flag mandate soon, giving the movie industry veto power over everything that receives DTV (the next generation of TV). Think the industry that tried to ban the VCR will let you have your TiVo, your FireWire inputs, your TV->DV camcorders, your GNU TV? Not likely. And even if they did, any user-modifiable or open source parts are banned. No more TiVo Hacks. And it’s not like the movies companies are in trouble — they just had their best year since 1959. Cory sez: “it’s like eating your seatmate on the off-chance that your plane will crash.”

You can make a difference. Write the FCC today. It’ll only take a couple minutes.

posted October 17, 2003 04:06 PM (Technology) #


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