The fossil record shows dozens of animals that have died out or been improved. But evolution can’t explain how such complex things were developed when their parts don’t make sense alone. The “intelligent design” theory says that some clever creator made things. But then how do you explain the fossil record?

So how about a compromise: unintelligent design. Sure, there was a creator, but he obviously wasn’t particularly bright.

Elefent #23, God, Age 6

For more on this theory, visit Unintelligent Design Network, Inc.:

There have been 23 elephant-like animals in history, and yet only two survive today (and we add, they’re not doing very well). Clearly, this is the mark of an all-powerful creator who is stuck on the same stupid idea and can’t figure out why the hell they keep dying off. Hmm, perhaps it’s because giant, big-eared mammals with huge, prehensile noses are ridiculous? I mean, WTF? A giant, powerful, grasping nose? It looks like something a preschooler would make up.

And don’t miss their Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you answer people who say Unintelligent Design is a philosophy, not a scientific theory, and so it doesn’t belong in high school science class?

We usually reply with colorful charts showing that a majority of voters believe in teaching alternative theories, and that although popular opinion isn’t historically the best measure of science, it is the best measure of who gets reelected.

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I guess I’ll state the obvious: unintelligent design is not killing off elephants, people and their egregious use of space are.

posted by Stephen at January 20, 2004 05:44 PM #

Oops. Scratch that. I just realized I am a victim of satire.

posted by Stephen at January 20, 2004 05:47 PM #

Well let’s do some thinking now. why are there some guys keep talking about the Unintelligent design, saying the god is stupid? Obviously, it is not the god who they wanna tease at, but the men & women believing in it.So these guys keep calling them stupid this and stupid that but, as they are stupid or somehow unwaveringly strong minded in god, they would keep doing the “stupid” thing. & for those who’s godless, they would just say “hey, piss off, man!” So i mean, WTF? what the fuck do you wanna achieve?

posted by grumman at January 31, 2004 10:28 AM #

I believe the designer was bright enough. What if he just wanted to experiment with different objects and creatures? He could realize that some of them would die, then it’s not an unintelligent design.

posted by Design Portfolio at March 8, 2004 05:42 AM #

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