Tom DeLay raised $12M from outside companies who had business before the House. He passed the money on to selected 2002 House races in Texas. With the money, the Republicans took the Texas House, pushed through a gerrymandered redistricting, and created more safe Congressmen in the US House — all of whom owed it to Tom DeLay, ensuring he was elected Majority Leader.

There was just one problem: it was all a violation of Texas campaign finance law. They didn’t care — they presumed they wouldn’t be prosecuted because the state attorney general is a Republican supporter (and former Karl Rove client).

But there was one thing they weren’t counting on. The DA for the county which includes the statehouse has jurisdiction to prosecute violations of public integrity. He’s at the end of his career, he’s running unopposed, and he wants to make a mark. So he’s subpoenaing and deposing everyone in front of a grand jury, building a case to take DeLay down.

(The above is a summary of’s Tom DeLay’s funny-money trail.)

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Hey, I saw your blog listed on bloglines and I just had to check it out (because we share a last name.) Your posts interest me so I’ve added you to my bloglines. Keep it up.

posted by Rick Swartz at March 12, 2004 01:57 PM #

I live in Travis County (the one of which you speak), and I really hope Ronny Earl can nail Delay. But I’m pessimistic. Earl had a shot at Kay Bailey Hutchison, the weathergirl-turned-senator, who also violated campaign rules when she ran (using the staff of the state office she previously held as campaign staff). He seemed to have a solid case against her and blew it.

posted by Adam Rice at March 12, 2004 04:23 PM #

I really hope Ron EarlE can do his job.

posted by bryan at March 13, 2004 06:54 PM #

I’m always so ambivalent with these stories… it’s almost like the bad guy trying to take down the badder, since all any of them seem to care about is greed and power. Even civil rights groups want to have their name tacked on to everything to prove how righteous they are. Just a thought.

posted by Bonwell at March 15, 2004 08:56 PM #

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