What exactly is life like here at Stanford? I take four classes, each of which has different components and requirements.

CS1006X: Computer Programming (Accelerated)

I moderately enjoy this class. The lecturer, Merhan Sahami, is a lot of fun. He tries to make the material “come alive” with props and even costumes. I know most of the programming stuff, but I still enjoy doing the assignments.

Sociology 1: Intro to Sociology

I love this class, with the exception of sections, which are terrible. The stuff we read is pretty good. The teacher is great — lively and entertaining — and the content fascinates me. I spend lots of time after class chatting with the teacher about things and we seem to be becoming friends, even though she doesn’t know my name. (She even talked to me about the weather.)

IHUM (Introduction to the Humanities) 63: Freedom, Equality, Difference

I can’t point to anything specifically problematic, but everyone (including me) finds IHUM to be a terrible, terrible course. However, I enjoy discussing politics in section.

Drama 180b: Noam Chomsky: The Drama of Dissent

Although I dislike the focus on foreign policy, this class is pretty fun and the teacher, a somewhat-tall man with a white mustache and an excited stream-of-consciousness manner of speaking, is very enjoyable to listen to.

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The People Themselves: A Debate
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Please update this blog in a more timely fashion. It’s better to read and digest small bits at a time, and you may get more comments that way. After reading three days worth of posts, I find my mind wandering. Instead of commenting on a post I move to the next one, and forget what it was I was going to comment on when I return to that post. If you have time that is, what with all of your school commitments, and falling behind on Chomsky.

I noticed you have quite the wish list at Amazon.com. Don’t be hoarding all those books from the library. Why don’t you write a small paragraph on your latest read? It’ll break up the monotony of all the posts on school. I’m also interested in several of the books that you have listed. Then again, you can learn a lot from reading books, but it’s quite impossible to live your life through books. No matter how hard you try, the lessons in life that will stay with you rarely ever come from books.

“put down your books, and start falling in love”

posted by Numero Uno at November 29, 2004 03:21 AM #

You should embrace the opportunity to speak up in classes - especially the ones where you already know the material. You can’t go wrong!

Why not attend the classes that encourage you to do this? You’ll be a more well-rounded individual. After all, life is about interacting with people, not machines.

posted by Advisor at November 29, 2004 08:33 AM #

I’m always fascinated with a college life that you describe here. And today I’m particularly interested in the reason why Sociology class compares the entrance exams for high school in Japan and US. Isn’t SAT for college entrance? Or is it the whole point? Definitely I’d like to read your follow-up on this.

While you wrote about how Japan shows you how bad America really is, we talk about how bad both Japan and America really are.

posted by kazu tokyo at December 2, 2004 02:44 AM #

I liked your weblog; both for its general contents as well as for reminding me of my own college days. Undergrad was sure fun and one of the defining experiences in my life. It’s been some time since then…I now have a couple of MBAs on my back, and at least 11 years added to the “old” count. Anyway, I work in the IT field as well and I ended up reading your weblog following a Newsweek link. Enjoy your College experience, you will never be able to live and have the same feelings / sensations / emotions. Take care.

posted by Juan Manuel Ramirez at December 5, 2004 03:29 AM #

You only have to write about 20-30 pages a SEMESTER?

God, I think that was about two week’s worth where I went to school.

And reading was probably around 1200-1500 pages a week.

Lucky bastard. :-)

posted by Andrew at December 5, 2004 11:50 PM #

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