It is time to close the TGIQ chapter of my life and move on. At every class, despite my best efforts, TGIQ has found a way to sneak out before I can talk to her. She’ll leave early, or not come, or talk on her cell phone on the way out, or disappear before I can catch up with her. It just never works out.

Her name, however, proves to be apt. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I took the phrase “The Girl In Question” from the title of an episode of Angel. In the episode, the two main characters (Angel and Spike) chase after the love of their life, Buffy. The actor who plays Buffy, however, is off making movies, so Spike and Angel only ever see the back of her head — she always darts off before they can catch up with her. Just like my TGIQ it would seem.

Today is the final in sociology class. I walk out, leaving TGIQ behind once and for all.

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Life is a story of missed chances.

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