January 15

I’m falling apart. My knee aches, snot pours out my nose, my neck cramps up, I’m too thirsty, I’m too full, my stomach hurts.

January 16

iPod mini came in the mail. I’m a winner!

January 18

Google Hacks came in the mail. I’m pretty sure this is the first book I’ve written things in. I’m an author!

posted February 14, 2005 12:20 AM (Education) (0 comments) #


Stanford: Back to School
Stanford: I Miss Zooko
Stanford: Fuzzier Heads Prevail
Stanford: Artists and Aliens
Stanford: Meeting the Man in Shadow
Stanford: You May Have Already Won
Stanford: Mind Control in Theory and Practice
Malcolm Gladwell on Snap Judgments
Stanford: Stand Up, Sell Out
Stanford: Voyeurism


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