The New Yorker: My Flamboyant Grandson. An excellent science-fiction story about our consumerist future, and one young boy who just wants to dance.

We left the Eisner and started up Broadway, the Everly Readers in the sidewalk reading the Everly Strips in our shoes, the building-mounted mini-screens at eye level showing images reflective of the Personal Preferences we’d stated on our monthly Everly Preference Worksheets, the numerous Cybec Sudden Emergent Screens outthrusting or down-thrusting inches from our faces, and in addition I could very clearly hear the sound-only messages being beamed to me and me alone via various Kakio Aural Focussers […]

I must say that while I thoroughly enjoy the New Yorker, I’ve never read the Fiction section before. This story was every bit as excellent as their non-fiction pieces. [via Boing Boing]

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