The long-awaited CodeCon (Advogato, The Register) starts today at jwz’s DNA Lounge. CodeCon, started and run in large part by Bram Cohen (creator of BitTorrent) as a way for P2P hackers to have their own conference about running, without the usual overpriced fluff and action-free punditing. As the conference is about to begin, the usual last-minute madness ensues.

Zooko (log) is there to present Mnet, the successor to Mojo Nation. He finished it right before he left, but didn’t get a chance to test it. Now he’s in another state, staying in someone else’s house, his wife and son are sick, and he’s supposed to demo it today on a laptop he doesn’t have using a new GUI he’s never used. I stayed up until 2:30 last night fixing bugs with him.

One of the nice things about the DNA Lounge is that it’s got great audio and video webcasting facilities. Only the webcasting server (cerebrum) went down this morning (remotely power-cycling isn’t working), the person there isn’t answering the phone, and the RealVideo server kindly hosted by Groove Factory went down last night.

<jwz> so basically, everything’s fucked.

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