Although the past few days have been cloudy and raining, the sun came out for a little bit today.

Tim Berners-Lee kicked off the conference by bashing spammers (“it’s fraudulent — they should be behind bars”), people who don’t believe specs have meaning and patents (“I would be embarassed to be associated with a company that claimed to have invented the hyperlink… or 1-click”).

My laptop wouldn’t work during the talk. I was really annoyed with it.

Walked to “Cheeseburger in Paradise” for dinner with dajobe, MarkB, ArtB, Greg Fitzpatrick, Libby and Johann Heljm. Loud music, hard to talk. (photos)

Tim Berners-Lee’s Keynote: Specs Count #


spammers should be behind bars. it’s fraudlent.

P3P is good, whether it protects pry-vacie or prih-vacie.

In RDF, when you say {myCar color green} the meaning of the sentence is decided by the property, in this case color. You can’t have a subject or an object that decides the meaning of a sentence.

email attachments are not endorsed. cover letter is the only thing that is first order.

HTTP defines what is a valid representation… what representations are true. not (yet) proved mathematically.

Web wouldn’t have gotten anywhere with patents or that mindset.

On OS X: “I like it… just like the NeXT that I developed this stuff on.”

not naming any names on the patent-bashing. defensive patents are like nukes: mutually-assured destruction.

“I exaggerate in order to protect the guilty.”

“At the top of a hill, in the rain, I sat with a friend and read thru the RSA papers” it was incredible stuff, changed computing.

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