The conference hosted a luau/dinner thing tonight. I got there and wandered around for a little bit, not seeing anybody I knew. Finally when I got in line for food I saw Rohit and he said he’d save a spot for me. I was afraid there would be nothing for me to eat, but there was some white rice which I grabbed a ton of. I went to go sit down and found the spot was right next to TimBL. Of course Rohit had to move to another table to make room for the two lovebird stars of the evening: Janet and Henrik.

TimBL and others laughed at my white-rice dinner, which went nicely with my white plastic plate and clear Sprite drink. He took a photo and tried to convince me to eat something else. (I found out that later he talked to my Mom, and said “If he was my son, I’d make him eat!”) We all had a good time and TimBL did this trick where he passes the camera around the table to make a panorama. He says he did it when he got his award from [some famous British university… Oxford?] but none of the professors could figure out how to use his camera.

Then we went to see a luau-show put on by the Polynesian Cultural Center with women, fire and dancing.

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