From the creator of MNFTIU and Get Your War On comes a hilarious parody of weblogs.

Meanwhile, Mark Simonson Studios presents an article on the use (and misuse) of period type in movies. That website is just full of great stuff including an article on The Scourge Of Arial.

Over in TVLand, Salon covers the Buffy Season Finale which makes me feel really bad for not watching Buffy after it’s been recommended to me by practically everyone I know. The show sounds positively awesome. Well, I guess I can start next season.

Finally, in the middle of an article about computers in cars, Cringely discusses Mesh Networks, a company that hopes to make every wireless node a router and repeater. “[Car companies] should put a Mesh node in every car they make […]. In a couple of years, when 20 million Mesh’d cars are on the road [the car companies] could light that network and, in one stroke, take a big chunk of the U.S. telephone, Internet, and mobile phone markets. […] Toyota is considering doing exactly this in Japan. Watch out NTT DoCoMo.”

Oh, and the new Google logo is revealed.

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