RIAA Press Release: Recording Industry Takes Audiogalaxy.com to Court For Wholesale Copyright Infringement. I wonder if the EFF will defend them.

<mouthbeff> I want to start a group called the “Fair Use Coalition” to oppose “Copy, Redistribution, Analog-conversion Prevention” so we can have the slogan, FUC this CRAP!

Harlan Ellison gave a presentation at BayCon. Danny O’Brien kindly logged it into IRC for us. It was pretty funny. Harlan is offering a $5000 reward for the apprehension of Citizen 513, one of the people posting copies of his copyrighted work online.

<quinnums> this is what’s wrong with irc: none of the rest of you can hear cory singing “hoooray for blogistan…”
<tvoj> that sounds like something RIGHT about IRC
<dnm> Count Doctorow
<dnm> Or perhaps you’d prefer Supreme Chancellor Doctorow
<mouthbeff> I like that

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