Don Norman: Toilet Paper algorithms [via Lee]
Mark Bernstein: Alife 2: Choosing Weblog Topics
Blogroots is on the way, apparently.
Meg returns to the Mac side of the force.
Do you want the TronBook?
Wes wants a TiPismo (good looks and dual bays).
According to LANANA, Linux is Klingon-Compliant.
raph has hit his 200th diary entry.
Rob Levin (lilo) needs cash.
Who are the hot chicks atOSXCON?
They’re talking about you.
Extreme Blue starts today, which means Wes has extremists.
remember: HTP is not a cult. yeah. keep telling yourself that
Terrorists beware, wardriving has made Newsweek.

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Public Access to the Public Domain
Tim O’Reilly: OS X and the Next Big Thing
Valenti: “I know damn well I am infringing.”
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AaronSw TV!
It’s a fight to the…er…boredom?

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