Today’s phenomic word: apertified.

Mailing list haiku: please, no attachments / plain text, not HTML / trim off all you can
XML haiku: start angle bracket / “nothing”, a space, then a slash / close angle bracket
Free software haiku: we use the word “free” / to mean free as in “free speech” / not as in “free beer”

Not quite as small as Bloxom: TinyBlog a “lightweight, easy to use, multi-user aware weblogging tool” (in Python!) from Steve Jenson.

UBATS: United Blind Advocates for Talking Signs. Talking Signs could change blindness forever.

Helvetica Bold Oblique Sweeps Fontys. Ugh. Christopher Rankley of Typography Today just about sums up my feelings: “A bold as Best Font? They may as well have handed the award to Chicago, for God’s sake. Or, better yet, Chicago Shadow Underline.”

Craig, Glenn and others are suing for the right to skip commercials.

Joshua Allen, your friend and mine, also hates those “outdated” Unix tools.

Behind every Mozilla is a cast of thousands (including me!).

You have been silkified.

Zooko’s hard drive died and he hadn’t backed it up (shoulda used HiveCache). Donate money to his hard drive repair fund so that you’ll get access to the rare never-before-seen Irby videos he lost.

I respect Dan Gillmor as journalist. But does Knight-Ridder have integrity?

Instead of RealNames, I use DTRT and Google as my resolver. I’ll even link to words on my blog (OSXCON) to get Google to associate keywords with them. (That one backfired — now I’m the first result for OSXCON.) In my address bar, all I need to type is “?oscon” to be taken to O’Reilly’s Open Source Conference.

Dan Bricklin: Observations from a Weblogger. He rides Segways, looks like Osama and blogs. How cool! (Hi Dan.)

Dan Bricklin: Small Players Matter. The big players don’t. Do they get an unfairly large voice?
Google Today: “Google may be the only company in the world whose stated goal is to have users leave its website as quickly as possible.”

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