Right on. The XML world gets crazier and crazier, adding complexity until nobody can understand or adopt it.

Watch this: Cory’s fellow BoingBoinger, Mark Fraunfelder (of Switch), is writing about Cory talking about his old company. “In the novel, death, disease and poverty have been eliminated, and warring groups of Disney freaks fight for the right to maintain the rides at the original theme parks.”

Coming this fall: The End of Cost. It’s great!

Lots of people, 30 days.

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everybody’s doing the twist
Switch to a Mac
not affiliated with Joan Baez
in the future, everything will be free
you’re losing whuffie, buddy
a verry merry unbirthday
OED Update
you too can have Star Wars-level security
i don’t want to know what the RDF one will be
at least we still have Hack the Planet

Aaron Swartz (me@aaronsw.com)