Update: John Robb says Dave is in the hospital. I hope he’s OK!

There’ve been no Scripting News updates since early yesterday morning. Dave is one of the most consistent webloggers I know. In the past two years, he’s missed seven days: 20020615 (today), 20011224 and 20011225 (Xmas vacation), 20010524 (in Europe), 20010315 (in Seattle), 20000701 and 20000702 (vacation after shipping).

Robb Beal: Man, it felt like the 6 and 11 PM local news didn’t run or they decided not to print the NYTimes for a day. I’ve been a reader for [seven] years.

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you’re losing whuffie, buddy
a verry merry unbirthday
OED Update
you too can have Star Wars-level security
i don’t want to know what the RDF one will be
at least we still have Hack the Planet
CCing LR MP3s
simpler than HTML m172n
today’s featured superhero: Carl Malamud
Librarians Join Fight Against Copyright Terrorism
AudioGalaxy R.I.P.

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