Carl Malamud is an unstoppable technical and social hacker. From the first Internet radio show, Geek of the Week (check out TimBL trying to explain the Web in 1993), to his online magazine, his hacker tax credit proposal and government data in XML to NetTopBox and associated technologies, he and webchick have been putting cool stuff on the Net with style and beauty. They make a very cute storTrooper family.

posted June 16, 2002 10:31 PM (Superheroes) #


you too can have Star Wars-level security
i don’t want to know what the RDF one will be
at least we still have Hack the Planet
CCing LR MP3s
simpler than HTML m172n
today’s featured superhero: Carl Malamud
Librarians Join Fight Against Copyright Terrorism
AudioGalaxy R.I.P.
do the Archive!
Do you trust Microsoft’s Trusted Computing Platform?
David Sifry is Online

Aaron Swartz (