Ka Wai Tam has a neat idea for protecting access to their homepage: a ThinkLink.

NetTopBox Status Report

TPC 2002 videos including Rael’s hilarious Switch Different series.

Woohoo! Mappa Mundi is back! Familiar design… ;-) “As part of our efforts at the Internet Multicasting Service to recycle cool domain names, we’re pleased to present the latest incarnation of mappa.mundi.net. Originally a magazine, then a rescued archive of a magazine, we’ve transformed this domain into our home for the IMS Core Technologies Program. The magazine archives are still (of course) available.”

Life of highs and lows ends in suicide for Net visionary: Remembering Gene Kan

Ben Edelman on Trial. Good luck, Ben.

Argh. My access card demagnetized again!

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Larry Lessig: Freeing Culture
Richard Stallman: Where This All Came From
Guido van Rossum: State of the Python Union
RMS and Miguel: Straight Talking
blue gene
Carl Malamud: NetTopBox
OSCON: Final Night
get out of my hair
Eyesight Feedback
movable code

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