Is my Blog HOT or NOT?. A clever way to spread your meme: force participants to link to you.

ACLU: Tell Congress to Trash TIPS

AP: Ex-Dictator Broke, Living With Mom. “Losing your job, quitting school, going broke and moving back home with your mother after living abroad for years would be tough on anyone. It’s even tougher when you’re a former military dictator who once had the power to execute opponents at will.” “In contrast to the days when he commanded an army and courted the favor of foreign presidents, Strasser today seems to have reverted simply to being just another neighborhood kid. Gone are the crisp military fatigues, new suits and wraparound sunglasses. In their place: A baseball hat worn backward, a Bob Marley T-shirt, dark green shorts and a pair of ‘Air’ Nike sneakers.”

Berman introduces the Copyright Vigilante Act. (Includes copy of bill in PDF along section-by-section analysis.) Declan McCullagh for has more info and mirrors (sharing copyrighted data on a p2p network?). The RIAA applauded it as an “innovative approach”, StreamCast (Morpheus) calls it “nonsensical” and Roblimo says he’ll hack into Declan’s computer if the bill passes.

Props to William Safire who says Blogistan is a real word.

The latest weblog book is BLOG: The True Story of How I Invented the Greatest Jargon Word Ever by PeterMe. “It will be a fully illustrated account of how Peter managed to come up with the word `BLOG’ and its subsequent viral spread across the whole Internet! We’re hoping to get it in stores by Christmas.” August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web [ev]

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