Bruce Sterling: A Contrarian View of Open Source. Given at OSCON.

“Now, I get it about being the bazaar. I’m a science fiction writer, I got no problem at all with bizarre stuff. But commercial software? Microsoft? As a cathedral? […] When you go into a cathedral, you don’t read shrinkwrap licenses. There are no developers’ documents in there. You’ve gotta read stuff like the Bible in a cathedral.”

“I stopped fighting with Cory Doctorow. Not because he was winning the argument, but because his fucking Open Source solution cost me three days of desperate effort to restore my files!”

“I love geeky guys,” says the Linux Girl. “[…] I’ll take my clothes off. No, it’s better than that. I’ll take my RIBS off! You can see RIGHT THROUGH ME! I’ve got nothing whatever to hide! I am open all the way through!”

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