Rael Dornfest: Rael’s Gold Box. A hilarious poem about the aura, the temptation, the hard sell marketing that is the Amazon Gold Box.

Rules of Perl Club
Rules of Semantic Web Club

Are there any small, intuitive text editors for Linux that have incremental search? (Emacs is big, vi is not intuitive, nano is missing incremental search.) Giles A. Radford recommends “jed” which looks pretty good.

Philip Greenspun: Our Summer Vacation (2002) [guan]

Leonardonics on Seth David Schoen: “Hi, I’m Seth David Schoen. The panda bear is not actually a bear; in fact, neither is it a panda. I’m Seth David Schoen.”

Hm. Is Mark Bernstein related to D. J. Bernstein? D.J. lives in Chicago and Mark comes from Chicago, so it’s a possibility.

It’s the beginning of the month, and you know what that means: Yes! Rabbits and annoying mailman reminders.

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movable code
irby nation
pay up for free software
i love it when a plan comes together
is it rabbittime already?
rabbit, rabbit
today’s featured superhero: D. J. Bernstein
you can’t handle the x-height!
miller reminds you to think when you link
A Contrarian View of Open Source
Janis Ian on Free Downloads

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