Faithful readers have probably been wondering where I’ve been for the past few days. (You haven’t? You’re not very faithful!)

Well, I’ve been setting up the new warchalking community site, which I’m proud to take over from the incredible Matt Jones. It’s powered by Scoop, the software behind K5 and InfoAnarchy. Please stop by and check it out. (

Meanwhile, I’ve also been deploying The New Swhack. It’s got all the sillyness, tech news and cool pointers of the old Swhack, with a fresh new design and a cleaner look. We’re still experimenting with the style but it’s turning into more of a web diary than a weblog. Instead of a bunch of entries posted, it’s a new HTML page built every day. And it also includes tons of details about my personal life! (Yes, I know you don’t care.) Here are the issues you’ve missed:

Enjoy! (

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