Ooh, I just found MJD’s hilarious file of good advice online. It’s even funnier when he wears a wifebeater and shouts it at you.

#11906 Look at the error message! Look at the error message!
#11909 Bad programmer! No cookie!
Full disclosure: I was standing to his right when the above was filmed.
#11911 You wrote the same thing twice here. The cardinal rule of programming is that you never ever write the same thing twice.
#11912 Evidently it’s important to you to get the wrong answer as quickly as possible.
#11924 Well, if you don’t know what it does, why did you put it in your program?
#11927 A good approach to that problem would be to hire a computer programmer.
#11938 If you have `some weird error’, the problem is probably with your frobnitzer.
#11939 Because the computer cannot read your mind. Guess what? I cannot read your mind *either*.
#11943 Ah yes, and you are the first person to have noticed this bug since 1987. Sure.
#11960 So you threw in some random punctuation for no particular reason, and then you didn’t get the result you expected. Hmmmm.

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