Finally finished up (most of) TRAMP, my RDF interface for Python. (If you don’t use RDF or Python you can probably safely skip this entry.)

New in this version: RDF library abstraction (because rdflib’s organization currently sucks), write values in addition to reading, and unit tests, all with that old TRAMP flavor you’ve come to know and love.

But wait, it also comes with an entire page of explanation/advertisement if you’re not already convinced.

RDF/XML got you down? Tired of having to go through contortions to deal with data? Want to write Python and be standards-compatible at the same time? Need a module to implement the psuedo-code you had on your slides? TRAMP may or may not be the answer to these problems!

Enjoy, and get a free bonus prize if you can tell me why it’s called TRAMP.

posted September 23, 2002 11:21 PM (Technology) #


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