Dean Jackson (of the W3C) has written up Aaron’s RSS to Email Aggregator, which, well, allows you to read RSS feeds using your email client. (Thanks, Dean!)

I’ve tried various RSS aggregators, mostly on the Mac. Most have nice interfaces, but are always a little too over-the-top for what I wanted. I was really looking for a way to read RSS feeds in email. That way, I can read the feeds from anywhere (even when I’m disconnected) and I can use the power of my mail setup (procmail/mutt) to organise the feeds the way I want them. MaxF does with with Emacs and GNUS, but I use mutt, so I was looking for a solution. Then I noticed Aaron Swartz said he uses his email client as an aggregator. He sent me the code to his aggregator and I’ve been using it since - I’m really happy with it.

posted September 18, 2002 09:34 PM (Technology) #


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