H4X0R ECONOMIST. Alan Greenspun says, 'lol GPL wh4Tev3r make economy'. One week later, 'The Supreme Court finds that, owing to GPL compliance issues raised in the case Free Software Federation v. Greenspan, our nation must henceforth be known as the United Nations of GNUmerica.' announces William Rhenquist with a serious expression. Richard Stallman is thilled: 'YES'.

More H4X0r ECONOMIST. The rest aren’t really as funny.

posted November 12, 2002 12:07 PM (Technology) #


today’s featured superhero: Dean Kamen
today is my birthday
book connections: death and life, future of ideas, elements of typography
Trusted Clothing / Trusted Computing: A Parable
Is the intuitive hypertext interface finally here?
greenspan# make economy
I’ll be at Comdex
Stirling Engine introduced on 60 Minutes, Segway on Amazon.com
cupcake controls a prior restraint?
photographic beauty
bandwidth and open spectrum

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