As the CS Monitor reports, Dean Kamen introduced his Stirling Engine to the world. (Luckily for me, the TiVo thoughtfully recorded the program even though I hadn’t heard about it in time.) The program was very similar to my write-up of Kamen’s work, except that he demonstrated the Stirling Engine and water purifier and showed a mockup of what the combined machine would look like.

More: Wired has a pre-Segway article about the Stirling and Kamen; sells the small engine Kamen showed, which runs off the heat of your hand or computer.

Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and Dean Kamen appeared on Good Morning America yesterday and announced that the Segway is now available to consumers on 30 people will get their Segways delivered before December 24 and get a tour of Kamen’s lab while the rest will get them in March 2003. Jeff Bezos was really excited and couldn’t stop laughing.

If you buy a Segway, you have to go to a training session (there will be one every week in Bedford, New Hampshire, and Los Angeles, and at least once each month in Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, New York City, Baltimore, and Orlando, Florida). You can take one friend who is 16 or older. I just turned 16 (hint, hint!).

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