Browsers that Parse, Jorn Barger: “generalise the repeated formatting-patterns and build regexps that can dissect them”
xpath2rss, Mark Nottingham: “XPath is because it’s aware of HTML’s syntax”
Site Summaries in XHTML, Dan Connolly: “If you refer to this profile in your document, you claim that your page is intended to serve as a channel in the RSS sense”
syndication formats?, Anil Dash: “aggregators should be able to read an HTML file […] All that would be needed is standardization of names and classes for page elements like DIVs and headers.”
, Brent Simmons: “I like the idea.”
, Matt Haughey: “I’d prefer to do this over RSS.”

Sounds good to me: RSS: XHTML Profile (RSS XP), spec and XSLT implementation.

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